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Thread: Roasting in a fry pan

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    Roasting in a fry pan

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    Is there anyone in Adelaide that would be interested to compare notes on roasting in a frying pan vs buying a proper coffee roaster?

    I would love to meet up with a real coffee enthusiast who knows their hobby well. I am happy to be knocked down of my peg of thinking/ way of doing things. (I am open to any suggestions basically)

    I'm roasting about 300-350 g of coffee in a conventional fry pan with a whisk to keep the beans roasting as evenly as possible. It takes me about 8-10 mins to reach the first crack this way. The way I regulate not burning the beans is that I put the beans in on high gas. As soon as I see a little smoke I turn the temp down etc until its just a pleasant roasting smell, doing this until I hear the first crack. After the first crack, I wait until I hear the very first bean go into its second crack stage and I turn the roast of.

    The results are not as good as a professional coffee, but the price is so much less. I was purchasing my roasted beans from The coffee Barun, and patio coffee roasters. This method means 1 kg of premium coffee is costing around 9-14 a kg after you take into account the weight lost during roasting.

    The coffee machine I am putting my beans through is an ECM Technika IV with a mazer mini grinder.

    I just bought 2kg of Yirg special prep and 2kg of India elephant hills AA. I hope I dont doubt that my results will only probably bring out maybe 80 ? -90 percent of the available profile of the beans.

    Any comments on that ? (worse than 80?)

    Kindest regards

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    HI Dave,

    Just started roasting with a popper and also in Adelaide. Just seeing if you have had any interest in this yet?


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