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Thread: Breadmaker warning...the plastic bits

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    Breadmaker warning...the plastic bits

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    experience is a hard taskmaster... :-[

    i used a Breville BB270 as the base of my Corretto system, and for the last 3 months it has done a great job...
    until yesterday, when the black plastic "crown" in the bottom of the breadmaker shattered in a thousand pieces when i started the dough cycle. *:o :(

    this "crown", which holds and moves *the twin paddles on the bottom of the bread bin, (which in turn causes the "inside" paddle to move the beans) is in some breadmakers made out of black "plastic" type material... *that obviously doesnt like the heat transferred from the bread bin during roasting.
    when i had a closer look at the pieces out of my BM, they seemed crumbly and fragile.

    a local small-appliance repair shop has told me that they may possibly have a spare part with a metal crown suitable for my machine, so heres hoping.
    otherwise the local secondhand shops will see me check *their breadmaker stock in search for one with a metal crown...


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    Re: Breadmaker warning...the plastic bits

    Bad luck, Lizzie. Hope they have the spare. Plastic is the bane of the modern world (where it is used instead of metal).


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    Re: Breadmaker warning...the plastic bits

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    nope, they didnt :(... but another crowd down South may have the spare part.
    however, we wont be there for another few weeks, so i bit the proverbial and bought another BM, brand "Breadman" ( :-?never heard of it before) for the grand sum of 9 bucks...and it has the metal crown.
    it has a 20 min dough cycle which is a bit shorter than the Breville, so i might have to warm the beans before starting the BM, but thems the breaks.
    at least im roasting again ;D ;D

    and lesson learnt!! :P

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