OK... I'm fessing up to finding this little monster a tricky customer.
I've been roasting successfully on a behmor version 1 for about 3 or 4 years and now the plus for a year or so. Never really had any failures apart from nuking the odd batch here and there while I've got distracted watching a greyhound race on my phone during the roast. But, I can not say despite the best of my efforts with this bean (no distractions) that I've ever really nailed a roast.... and I've got about 3 or 4 kilo's left, so I'd like to score a win.
A couple of roasts have been OK, and the taste more than acceptable, but I've noticed the crema is really quite thick, and collapses quickly, to almost form a skin on the espresso shot. Dunno if that affects the taste as such, but it does make pouring the milk and my little love heart art for the wife a bit hard.
Last night I roasted again on the 400gm P2 B setting (i had 380gm on board).... got to first crack around 3mins 20. It never really got to rolling, rather a few intermittent snaps until about 1min 20 when it decided to go full psycho. This turned out to be 2nd crack which I realised as the oil started leaching out in front of me and the garage filled with smoke. Into the bin.
Every roast with this bean it seems to race from 1st crack to 2nd... I just can't pick it or stop it. Usually I would open the door ajar for 30-60 seconds to slow it down on 1st crack, but I can't pick when the 1st crack ever gets rolling.
So, my question is - is there a (simple?) secret for this bean on the behmor? I haven't really gone into the manual roasting side of the behmor plus yet (I find the programmed cycles more that adequate), I guess this may be the springboard bean for me? I've tried P1 setting, but my local roaster suggested that it needed heat early, then a drop in before getting to 1st crack. This looked like the P2 setting to me.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. (I don't have one of those temp loggers yet).
Cheers folks, Link