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Thread: Green bean recommendations

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    Green bean recommendations

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    Hi all. I'm new to roasting and using a Dr Mahn handy roaster I've managed to offend all of Guatemala with my first 2 efforts.

    Can anyone recommend a green bean that's good to roast for beginners for milk based drinks? I was thinking to try to Elephant Hills AA (as I saw that's what was shipped with the handy roaster here) but open to recommendations.


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    Elephant hills AA is good as it is pretty middle of the road (not super fruity or earthy) nice caramel/chocolate notes. Similar in nature is the Peru and the Columbian volcano geleras. Both are tasy, well graded beans that are easy to roast and great to learn with. The consistency in size and shape makes any of those 3 super friendly for a beginner.

    I would stick away from the natural processed for now until you get the hang of a nice well graded washed bean in my opnion.

    A few roasts under your belt and you will start to get the idea of what to look for and can quickly venture out into something exotic.
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