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Thread: Roasting Home Grown Beans

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    Roasting Home Grown Beans

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    Hey all

    Was just wanting some advice or ideas for the best profile in your opinions for roasting my home grown coffee beans. I have K7 variety Arabica trees and a couple of Arabica gold which are mixed however 95% is K7 beans. Have harvested 3 kg of green dried beans still in parchment waiting to be roasted when my coffee stash says so.Another 5 kgs to picked and processed when ready to do so. I have roasted a single small batch last year from these trees which was amazing to me but roasted completely by colour in about 16 minutes , however that was with a heat gun set up and now I have a Behmor plus . We only drink milk based coffee but love a strong coffee base.

    I will give it a go but thought more experienced roasters on here may give me a better starting point or some suggested profiles would be fantastic as I dont want to ruin any . Haha not when you have had to do all the work to get them to this stage of the process.

    Thanks all for any advice

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    Any pictures of the beans you can post?
    id say as we low altitude they will be soft so low and slow profile such as P4 or P5 but interested in more experienced roaster opinions.

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