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Thread: I'm totally green. Where do I start?

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    I'm totally green. Where do I start?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi everyone. I joined this forum as much out of curiosity as out of real interest. I love good coffee, but I don't know much about it. (A bit like my penchant for wine ).

    Anyway, I came across an article in a magazine about people roasting their own coffee beans at home, so a few clicks on Google and I found you lot. I have to say I am a bit kind of amused by this (yet another) passionate interest that has probably been a "thing" for centuries of which I knew nothing much at all.

    So, to the all important totally green question. Where does one start if one is interested in roasting one's own coffee? I have seen a few Youtube videos of people roasting coffee in their oven, cast iron skillet, specialty roasters of various kinds etc. But I am only moderately interested at this point, so I guess I'd probably start with a cast iron pan I use when camping.

    For my coffee maker I use an Aeropress, which I have to say produces probably the best coffee I have made at home. And I can take it away camping - which is my real passion .

    So, I thought of just giving it a whirl with a sample pack from BeanBay, and see if it grabs my imagination.

    Any suggestions for someone like me? Other than "bugger off, you're not welcome".
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    Heartstarter, started like you about a year ago. One bag of beans and a skillet. Coffee came out passable. A Coretto was my next step for the next batch and coffee started getting better and has kept so. Search 'Coretto' on these forums,it is a breadmaker and heatgun. Inexpensive with roughly repeatable results. Good luck and I must say it is nice to drink coffee you roasted yourself.
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    Hi there heartstarter. Youíve found the right place to gather such info. Home roasting is a fun little pastime as well as being a good budget way to source fresh roasted coffee beans.

    There is only one essential item to roast at home - Green beans. So grab a bag from Beanbay as a starting point. Read the descriptions plus maybe read the Ďcup tastingí thread on here. Find one that appeals then order.

    As for methods you can try a few that donít require much investment. pan roasting is one youíve already suggested. Never tried myself but plenty have. Another one (which I used successfully) is to buy a cheap popcorn machine. Canít do large batches but itís quite easy.

    Search this forum and other googling to pick up some tips and tricks whichever way you go.
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    I started with a popcorn air popper and modified it with variable heat control and thermocouple to monitor bean temperature. I learned about different aspects of roasting including roasting profiles that seem to work for me.

    Then moved on to a Stir Crazy/turbo oven to do larger batches. All inspired by a friend of mine from the “The Excellent Cup” coffee roaster/distributor in Milwaukee who is the “go to” guy about SC/TO roasting.

    I have read countless internet articles on roasting, forums, and studied scores of roasting profiles. I have never stopped learning.

    The final version of my modified 1+ pound SC/TO roaster and modification references can be seen at

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    Hi heartstarter
    Welcome! It’s a great journey.
    I’d suggest a popcorn popper too. Can be found pretty cheap in target and will likely taste less “toasted” in the aeropress than the skillet - though for full disclosure pan roasting is one method I haven’t sampled! Good luck!
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    Glad someone else admitted to being "Green" about this!!

    Also glad I found using a popcorn popper is a place others have started.
    See my other thread, just started.

    The tip on a temperature control know sounds like good idea, I will investigate, as it seems my popcorn popper might be too hot!
    See my thread.

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