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Thread: Interesting roasted bean ageing dynamics

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    Interesting roasted bean ageing dynamics

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    So, I've found it interesting that in all the constant bickering about how long to age coffee post-roast, very few take the time to really analyse the process.
    So, here are my thoughts from hundreds of roasts in my corretto, taken almost to second crack, and being both an espresso and white drinker…

    1-3 days post – great, thick, sweet, creamy varietal flavours in espresso (the best IMHO) - but very mild through milk.
    4-7 days post - gets thinner, harsher & more acidic as espresso - but improves through milk somewhat.
    7-14 days – acidity decreases, intensity decreases, body decreases but get nice, mild more 'filter' style espresso – and gets much better through milk.

    That's about it! My conclusion - enjoy espresso right out of the roaster – but if you're a milk drinker – longer rests!

    Happy cupping all…
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    Good insights.

    I quite enjoy drinking espresso from day one onward and experiencing the different tastes and textures as it ages.

    A single roast can yield multiple aha moments.


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