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Thread: How long do green beans last? And, help with roasting Eithiopian.

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    How long do green beans last? And, help with roasting Eithiopian.

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    Hi All. Just opened another bag of Yirga special prep Ethiopian. I had a small amount in an old bag and thought I may as well mix them. The old beans were a light yellow in colour whereas the new bag was a dirty green. How long will green beans stay fresh? Is there a suggested timeframe to use them by? Also, just got the Behmor upgrade panel so playing around a bit. Any basic suggestions for the best way to roas the Yirga?

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    Green beans should be stored in a cool dry place, in the CS bags they come in is fine. When stored correctly then they are considered fresh for (approx) 12 months from date of harvest. Yirgacheffe is harvested between October and December.

    As for a roast profile, have a look here, my most recent posts are for that bean specifically and there is a plethora of other posts in there which also discuss roasting Yirg (some are more specific to your setup).

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