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Thread: Wanted: roasting advice for April coffeeclub beans

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    Wanted: roasting advice for April coffeeclub beans

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    Now that this months Guatemalan Atitlan, Colombia Supremo and Domenican Republic Solimans have been/are being delivered, I would welcome advice from members experienced with these three beans. My homeroasting so far has been limited to an unknown Ethiopian blend, which prefers a farily light roast profile, which produces a light-medium brown colour, with best result stopped dead on the very first second crack, which on my BBQ set up is usually 2.30 mins from the very first crack. I dislike burnt coffee taste and the oily black roasts of some (all?) supermarket Italian espresso blends. Given that, any suggestions how far to roast our April beans?

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    Re: Wanted: roasting advice for April coffeeclub b

    I dont know about the others but with most Colombians the sweet spot is well shy of the 2nd crack with very few of them being able to tolerate being roasted into 2nd crack at all.

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    Re: Wanted: roasting advice for April coffeeclub b

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    Ive noticed though, that with the Colombian Pensilvania beans we received a little while ago, the beans seem capable of taking on a very dark roast before 2nd crack actually occurs. This wasnt the case with a previous batch of Supremo beans I had.

    After playing around a bit, Ive discovered that for my taste, taking the Pensilvania beans right up to the edge of 2nd crack but not beyond, has provided me with a very flavourful brew. Plenty of body, lots of high notes and a rich dark chocolate finish and aftertaste.

    I guess its like with all beans, you have to experiment a little to find the best roast profile for each bean type that best suits your particular taste preferences. All the best,


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