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Thread: Google Assistant--keep out of my coffee roasting

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    Google Assistant--keep out of my coffee roasting

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    I am very easily distracted.
    Which is why I hover over my Behmor roaster like a brooding hen from at least halfway through a roast to the very end.

    But today I thought I'd employ my google home assistant to...assist.

    "Countdown 10 minutes," I told it. And she confirmed. Ten minutes, starting now.

    The idea being that when the timer went off, I'd go and stand by the Behmor with tons of time to spare.

    Started manual roasting 400 grams of yirgacheffe special prep.

    I saw my wife folding the washing next to the heater, so, being the thoughtful, helpful, kind, loving husband I am....went over to help her.
    Specially since they were my clothes.

    We were working together, chatting away...and suddenly the unmistakable sound of a a Behmor entering cooling cycle breaks our conversation.

    What! Not even first crack. And what happened to the Google reminder?

    Dropped the washing and rushed to stop the machine. Pulled out the hot rotisserie, emptied it into a bowl and covered it.
    Put the machine back into cooling cycle.
    Waited till it cooled sufficiently to allow "another" roast (about 55), popped the still very hot coffee back in, and pressed play.

    Well, it went into first crack...then about to hit second, and I stopped the roast.

    Looks OK...but will know in about a week what it tastes like.

    Google-- you're sacked. You get distracted more easily than me, it seems.
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    Google Assistant...

    Java "...stay out of my everything!" phile
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    Toys! I must have new toys!!!

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    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    A common phrase in my place is “alexa your a dumbarse compared to siri”
    But alexa isnt too bad for timers just ask a few seconds later how much time left to ensure its both on and correct !
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