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Thread: 3 months on ....

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    3 months on ....

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    After a frustrating start, I am now happily roasting small batches about 3 times per week in my Imex CR100 ...

    what have I learnt

    1. Many thanks to poundy et al for help, advise, beans etc - this is where I try and help someone else - cheers to all
    2. Use good quality beans - read the posts - buy the recommendations - crap beans have no guts and burn in about 4 minutes - taste acidy.
    3. Apart from your Imex youll need 2 oven gloves, a large stanless steel sieve (say 12 inch - buy from a catering shop) and a 1/2 inch paintbrush
    4. Forget the timer on the Imex - watch and sniff!
    5. Keep the Imex chaff filters clean - basket and built in VERY CLEAN using the paintbrush - old chaff burns profusely!
    6. Wash the glass lid after each roast so you can peer in - this is also important!

    My routine... (2 persons 3-4 espressos daily)

    Outside verandah - between 630-730 am
    With my Imex I received a nice s/steel measuring cup - use it to measure out a level cup of beans - tip it in
    Turn the timer to full right stop (purely for power on)
    Press the GO button
    Do some keep warm exercises while chanting
    "I love fresh coffee - coffee makes me happy" - a tune/mantra will develop over time.
    Do this continuously to amuse wife and dogs.
    Watch the beans change colour - try to listen for cracks but this is difficult over the Imex jet engine.
    Note that beans will circulate while roasting - this is good
    After several minutes depending on bean type, the colour will deepen and faint smoke (like steam) will emanate ..... NOW STOP CHANTING and pay close attention as seconds here are critical.
    Slip on the oven mits, position sieve
    The smoke/steam will change to become wispy smoke
    Some beans appear to glisten
    Flick off the switch - prise open the lid, lift the Imex and tip contents into sieve, trying not to let the chaff basket fall in too.
    Quickly plonk the Imex down and grab the sieve with both mits and do the african wheat husk dance - flicking the beans into the air (higher than the sieve) and catching them over and over for about 1 minute. If theres a breeze, youll see the chaff magically seperate and blow away.
    Takke the mits off and stir the beans around with your hand - then start chanting again, while stirring and ensuring that your eternally interested partner is aware that the master roaster has triumphed again!

    Let the beans cool right off and then make a truly excellent espresso - complete with a crema to make a italian barista sing!

    Thanks again to poundy and all the others who made all this possible!


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    Re: 3 months on ....

    Great post hiker, Imex users all over the planet will learn from that...

    ...and non imex users can still do the "I love fresh coffee - coffee makes me happy" mantra and the "african wheat husk dance " ;D

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    Re: 3 months on ....

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Hiker, its great to hear that you persevered, and that those beans made a difference !

    Its a great post, and Andy is right that itll be a great reference.

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