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Thread: Glossary of Roasting Terms

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    Glossary of Roasting Terms

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    Im a bit of a newbie and find it hard to get my head around all the terms that get used in the discussions. It would really help me and other newbies who are trying to learn if there was a glossary of terms with useful definitions. For example, I figured a few of these out after a while:

    Popper-- a popcorn maker
    SO-- single origin
    First Crack-- after beans have been roasting for a few minutes there is a discernible snap, crackle or pop sound. I assume that First Crack (FC in some despatches) is the first one of these that is heard.

    Now Im just new at this, so there are a whole lot more. Would some one like to add some more. Here are some terms Ive read and need some help with:

    Second Crack
    Rolling Second Crack (usually spoken of in terms equivalent to achieving orgasm?)

    There must be many more....


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    Re: Glossary of Roasting Terms

    I had a laugh :)

    HG : Heat gun (an alternative roasting method)

    As far as the cracks go..... (I might be wrong so pls correct me if required)

    *Note coffee beans crack twice

    FC (first crack) yep when you get the first discernable cracks.. it then becomes rolling first crack when there is a flurry of cracks then there is a break and you get second crack which sounds different to first crack and then rolling second crack is when you get the next flurry of cracks.

    Most people roast before/to/some period after second crack which is why it is mention so often.

    When you first roast (I know I did) I mistook rolling first crack for second crack and ended up with a highly acidic brew.

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    Re: Glossary of Roasting Terms

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    Deliberately roast a couple of types of beans too much initially so you get a feel for what first and second crack are. First crack is generally louder and more erratic whereas second crack is quieter and more like popping corn where the the sounds becomes fairly steady after the first few pops.

    Sometimes first and second crack are very close and it is not obvious what is going on until you become experienced through misfortune. ;) Better to deliberately sacrifice some coffee than to have problems ongoing.

    FC also stands for Fresh_Coffee who is one of our sponsors so context can be important.

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