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Thread: Chaff in my filter

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    Chaff in my filter

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    Hi All,

    I roast with a modified popcorn machine and am doing pretty well - have managed to extend my roast times from 5 minutes to over 9 minutes with some pretty good results.

    My problem now is how to get rid of all the chaff that seems to stick to the roasted beans after I use my dripolator there seems to be chaff residue left in the filter.

    During cooling I toss the beans back and forth and swirl them around the 2 collanders that I have and then blow the chaff away but there is obviously some chaff still there - any ideas?

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    Re: Chaff in my filter

    Hi Springbok
    Can you post a pic of what the roasted beans look like with the chaff on?
    i used to roast via the popper and never suffered from this but it sounds like the level of roast perhaps, i have done roasts in the past that when ground you see noticable flecks of light brown that match the chaff colour.

    I put this down to not roasting through to SC and its the tiny part of the chaff that is still attached to the bean perhaps at the stage that the roast is stopped.

    Since using the corretto and taking my roasts to just before or just into SC, i dont have this problem anymore.


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    Re: Chaff in my filter

    I always seemed to have a lot of chaff left in the split of the beans from my popper roasts.
    It didnt bother me though I did supect it affected the grind setting because I figured Id need a finer grind to allow for the chaff in the mix.

    As bolb said, I notice it less now using a corretto.

    Is it bothering you?

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    Re: Chaff in my filter

    Thanks guys,

    I think you must be right - it seems to be the light bits in the split of the beans - it doesnt bother me that much and I prefer the lighter roasts - but it is noticeable and I wondered if there was an easy fix- I also give coffee away as presents and someone asked me about it - talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth...

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    Re: Chaff in my filter

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    Springbok, the chaff in the centre could also be an indicator of an uneven roast. Ive never used a popper, but are you monitoring the temperature ramps? If youre getting to FC too quick, with quick temp rises, the beans may be roasting quicker on the outside & not evenly penetrating to the core.

    Heres a suggestion - next roast, grab a couple of beans, split them open, put them under a light, & see whether theres eveness in tone.

    Some SOs, however, seem to hold a slim tissue of chaff in the middle regardless of roast profile/length of roast. Especially PNG beans in my experience - Ive done quite a few roasts, with differing temp ramps/some extended roasts just on SC, but all seem to retain that little sliver of chaff.

    Anyhoo, my quick thoughts.

    And as TG mentioned, if the taste isnt bothering you I wouldnt be overly concerned. :D


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