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Thread: Gas grill drum roasting techniques.

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    Gas grill drum roasting techniques.

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    Hello to all.

    New here. Started roasting a couple of months ago in a drum very similar to the one marketed by RK. I use a gas grill and have had mostly good results if you dont count the two fires I had in my grill!

    I have spent quite a bit of time at SweetMarias, CoffeeGeek and a few more trying to learn as much as possible about roasting coffee in my stainless steel drum on my gas grill. There are a few folks like myself but not many.

    I did a search here and found a few helpful things. I was wondering if anybody could steer me toward a web site, or perhaps threads here that would deal with gas grill drum profiles.

    Very nice site here and plan to spend a bit of time here learning. Thanks in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.

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    Re: Gas grill drum roasting techniques.

    The profile should be pretty much the same as aimed for with any other roasting method. First crack at 10-12 minutes, with 2nd crack at 14-18 minutes.

    With the exception of roasting equipment that is limited in its ability (such as an unmodified popper) it is the bean that determines the best profile. That basic profile is the same no matter what equipment is being used. :)

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    Re: Gas grill drum roasting techniques.

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    you are on the right track and Coffeegeek has a good discussion going about profiles and tastes of the bean.


    is there an link shortcut mechanism here or is this the manual way?

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