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Thread: popper journey/discovery!

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    popper journey/discovery!

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    hi all!
    this is officially my first post.
    let me tell you a brief history of my roasting experience.
    i acquired a popper which i promptly modified by removing the bottom and adding a taller can handle about 2/3 green.
    i began roasting here in the albany, the southwest of wa, about 6 mths ago when it was summer. the outside ambient temp probably ranged between 18 and 25 depending on the time of day. first crack probably went around 4:30-5:00 and second crack never really far as i could tell, though the beans eventually went fairly dark in colour around 12-20 min. the flavour and appearance was never really that great or up to my expectations.
    lately, during the colder winter months, the beans havent been cracking at all and they remain fairly small and unchanged to any marked degree. thats when i thought about adding heat to the intake, based on a comment from a local roaster. the change has been amazing.
    first crack was distinctly evident, albeit a lot early at about 4:00, and the second crack at about 7:30. the appearance though is 100% on before. they are now very light and large. there is already a little oil, though the roast was fairly humming along and i probably let it go a bit too long.
    with subsequent roasts i lowered the air intake temp {im using one of those little blow heaters with two settings}which still had first crack at around 4:00 but second hadnt come at 10:00 so i turned the intake to the higher setting which brought second around 12:00. the roasts are looking very good, well to me at least compared to what i used to see. very happy.
    i think with a little experimentation as to the distance of the blow heater from the popper{currently about 30cm}, i think i may be able to extend first crack and bring on second with the higher heat setting.

    any thoughts?

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    Re: popper journey/discovery!

    Sounds good. Try getting first crack to occur at 8+ mins. A thermocouple is very handy to see if/when you need to add or reduce the heat.

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    Re: popper journey/discovery!

    Im pretty new to popper roasting too, and have found that the roast is on second crack in under 5 minutes.
    Is there anything one can do to lower temps and prolong the roast?

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    Re: popper journey/discovery!

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    There are lots of tips already documented on the forum Krane.

    Try searching and see what you can find.

    What popper are you using?

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