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Thread: monsoon malabar - ruined?

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    monsoon malabar - ruined?

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    Ok, after my success of my first home roast, was very excited to get some indian monsoon malabar into the popper to do some roasting.

    With my first roast, tanzanian tagnayikan from the starter pack, i never heard second crack, i went by colour, and the taste was pretty decent.

    On saturday, i roasted 5 batches (about 100g a batch) of the monsoon malabar i got from the latest beanbay. second ever roast, and it seemed to take a fair while for the colour to get right. About 14 minutes in, the beans started to pop a little and a small amount sloughed off, flying out of the popper, looked like lots of little hole punch waste.

    The colour was approximately 8 on the cs card, so i stopped there.

    2 days after roast, i have tried some and it is not undrinkable, but there is very little flavour. Have i wasted my beans? recommendations for future attempts with this bean?

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    Re: monsoon malabar - ruined?

    You cant really go by colour for the monsooned malabar because they are really light coloured. I stop mine at the start of second crack (which I think is best for this bean) and the colour is around CS4 or 5. I roasted a batch up to rolling second before and it was at CS6 colour. Really light coloured bean. Id hate to think how far I would have had to go to get to CS8!
    I use a corretto for my roasting but started out a long while ago on the popper, I find cracks easier to hear on the popper than in my partially covered corretto but that shouldnt be an issue with the malabar because it has really loud cracks, almost firecracker-like... Id suggest after firstcrack, you keep your ears out for the more subtle second crack and pull it straightaway when you hear it.

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    Re: monsoon malabar - ruined?

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    Hmmm... 14 mins in the popper sounds like a long time. By "the beans started to pop a little", was that first or second crack? They can be a bit hard to hear, although Malabar normally cracks loudly. From your description of "hole punch waste" sloughing off, though, it sounds like second crack.

    Malabar is a very light bean and is one you have to take gently - it can get away from you. I think most roasters dont take it any further than the first snaps of second crack. Also the colour doesnt get too dark - generally this is a light (and fairly mottled) coloured roast.

    But dont despair - Malabar doesnt reach its peak until about 2 weeks after roasting. So put it away for about 14 days and see what its like then.

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