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Thread: Beans Down!

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    Beans Down!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    On Saturday I decided to do my 3rd Corretto roast using the Nicaragua Highgrown Bold from my CS starter pack.

    All went well to SC. Then I removed the temp probe, moved the HG, turned off the BM and grabbed the BM basket handle with some pliers, grabbed the basket with a cloth and tipped the beans into the cooler...thats went it all went pear shaped. I spilled the beans, literally, all over my brick pavers and some went onto the lawn. Not to worry thinks I, just scoop up the beans on the pavers and no one will know. Unfortunately my wife was picking up doggy do from the lawn and saw what happened. Between her hysterical laughter and her "wait till the kids hear this" she made it clear no one was going to consume those beans and they unceremoniously went in the bag with the said doggy do.

    Maybe those beans are cursed so I roasted up 600g of Indian Mysore Nuggets.

    The wife is happy to drink those.

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    Re: Beans Down!

    Could have bean worse!
    She could have got the spill on video.

    Its very frustrating when something like that happens, i had a few mishaps when i first started with my bean cooler, i turned on the contraption to see beans flying everywhere.
    The war dept just laughed and asked how long it had taken me to train the beans to fly.

    They can be less than sympathetic at times.


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    Re: Beans Down!

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    I can sympathise with you on this. It was an incident like this that lead to the redesign of my bean cooler. The whole thing collapsed and I lost a good 700gm roast.

    When I posted pics of the new cooler that resulted CS posters were all "wow, thats a sturdy looking cooler"

    Well, trust me, there is a reason for that.

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