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Thread: Colombian Volcan Galeras

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    Colombian Volcan Galeras

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Starting to roast this off my starter pack yesterday.

    Batch size 300 gram, with heat gun on steel wok.
    First impression is the bean slightly irregular, motley...some defects which I hand picked and a couple stones.
    Dry processed?

    Did it slow, about 16 minutes to first crack then 21 mins entering second crack and then cool by dipping the bottom of the work in cool water (thats how I did it in previous three roasts).

    Beans still look lightly coloured at CS8? Doesnt look pretty, lots of irregularities on bean surface. But there is that heavy caramel smell :P

    Anything I did wrong here?

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    Re: Colombian Volcan Galeras

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Dis-regard. Nothing wrong, except I should have waited a bit longer...very gaseous brew :)

    Strong toffee flavour, no bitterness, muted acidity, full mouthfeel, I will let it sit for another week and see how it is. The proof is in the cup eh?

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