Under pressure to get some decaf for my partner, I got roasting yesterday. I did some indian monsoon malabar, malawi, tanzania, and decaf mocha java. I wasnt quite sure what to do with the inian monsoon malabar after receiving advice to roast slow to fc. So I just chucked them in the popper and thought I would see how things went. I was very happy to see that due to the lightness of the beans the time to fc was longer without me doing anything. The monsoon malabar had the nicest smell for sure. On advice these have been tucked away for a week. the decar couldnt last that long and was required about 12hrs after roasting! My previous experience of decaf was they always seemed to need a finer grind, so I clicked the rocky down a few notches, and It came out just right, plenty of crema. I didnt try it before milk in my rush to get to work, but after I was told it tasted really good, I gave it a try. This is by far my best result with decaf - as was mentioned in the description of the bean, with milk you would not know this is decaf. All my other decafs have always had really weird tastes but this was good. it might be my chance to cut down on caffiene.

So now I am waiting, and then I get to sample 3 new coffees which I am really looking forward to.