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Thread: uneven roast in popper

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    uneven roast in popper

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    roasting some mountain top bin35 today, the same way i have done my previous roasts, the beans came out very unevenly roasted.

    The way i roast in my popper is that i start with one and a half scoops into the popper and keep adding beans till the fast spin on the popper becomes a slower beans tumbling and not spinning (within a minute it is churning quite well)

    Even though my monsoon malabar ended up being over roasted, it and the other 5 roasts i have done have all seemed to roast fairly evenly. Is it something with the bean? Or am i doing something wrong.

    I did try several batches, they all roasted very unevenly.

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    Re: uneven roast in popper

    Thats MM for you.

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    Re: uneven roast in popper

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    Check out this thread:;start=all

    It appears Bin 35 does roast unevenly, in all methods of roasting, but still a good cup.

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