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Thread: Blending - rookie question

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    Blending - rookie question

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    Hello dudes and dudettes,

    I have a beginners question on blending.
    Do you roast each single origin separately and blend as roasted beans or do you blend the green beans and roast the blend?

    I have not delved into my own blends as yet, but I have a kilo of Monsooned Malabar on hand and have been reading that topic with great interest.


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    Re: Blending - rookie question

    Hi Brett,

    You can do either, depending on your own tastes, and the desired roast profiles of each origin.

    I believe that each origin should initially be roasted separately and cupped, until you have a clear idea of your own preferred roast for that particular coffee. Once this is done, you can then "pre-blend" this coffee with any other coffee(s) that have the same desired roast profile.

    To give you an example from my own personal experience. I am currently experimenting with the following blend:

    20% Ethiopean Harar (roast - 2nd Crack)
    45% Brazil Cerrado (roast - 2nd Crack)
    35% Sumatran Mandheling (roast - 2nd Crack + 35 secs)

    What I do here is pre-blend the Harar and the Cerrado, since they have the same desired roast level. The Mandheling is roasted separately, since it has takes a darker roast.

    A handy hint I picked up a while ago - pre-blend your coffees at least 24 hours prior to roasting. This allows the varying moisture levels of each origin to equalise with the other constituents, thus allowing a reasonably uniform overall roast.

    As you are starting out with blending, I suggest getting some high-quality Brazilian coffee to use as the base coffee of your blends. CoffeeSnobs is currently running a poll of the Brazil Cerrado (the best Brazilian widely available in Aust.), so Id recommend snapping up a few kilos asap.

    btw, I did a post of espresso blending a couple of weeks ago. Check it out, it may help you start out on the wonderful world of espresso blending -

    Experiment with using the Monsooned Malabar as a base as well. I hear that it does very well. Try starting at 40%, and increase or decrease proportion as needed. I have no experience with this coffee, so I have no real advice to offer.


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    Re: Blending - rookie question

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    Graeme and Avi, thank you very much for the responses. Im still using my Imex for roasting, so I might do some experimenting with blending post-roast.
    I have put in votes for a number of the polls which have just happened, so I will be able to try a few combinations once the beans arrive.

    Ill be like a kid in some kind of shop!

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