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Thread: Same bean blending?

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    Same bean blending?

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    Last week i roasted 2 batches of Mexican Vera Cruz first batch to a CS 8-9 and second batch to a CS 9-10 I ended up mixing both batches together and am quite enjoying the flavour. Is this a normal thing to do? Is it really a blend? I do really need to get a temp logger for my bread machine so as to get more consistent roasts, i know. But i am actually rather happy with the flavour i have ended up with.

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    Re: Same bean blending?

    Yes it is normal.
    Yes it is a blend; an SO blend.

    Ive done it with Kimel to before and into SC.

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    Re: Same bean blending?

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    As TG said.

    Some of us did it for the roast-offs earlier this year. I wasnt getting much out of the Kimmel and (following a good tip from Dennis) did a SO blend, which enabled me to get more out of it. It allowed more of the characteristics of the bean to come through.

    My Mexican Veracruz has been a bit flat as well, so I might try it as a blended SO. Thanks for the tip. ;)

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