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Thread: Roasting error  in my favour, collect...

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    Roasting error  in my favour, collect...

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    425 gm of dark roasted MT bin 549.

    Background: Im heading off to meet a fellow CS member tomorrow and promised to bring some home roast. First batch was 600 gm of PNG Wahgi AA roasted just into SC at about CS 9-10. All went according to plan and the roast looked good enough to eat...

    I wanted a contrasting bean and also something that matures quicker than the PNG (which I found best in the 2nd week after roasting). So I picked 500 gm of MT bin 549.
    All went according to plan until near the end of FC then disaster... the roast seemed to stall then started to drop in temp. Fearing HG failure I upped the temp (Bosch variable temp HG) and pushed the HG into the bowl to try and rescue it. It all seemed to happen very quickly. After some serious adjustments the temp fall slowed stabilized and then started to creep up... but then I heard the snap crackle and pop of SC and looking at the roast colour... OMG... The HG was fine! The thermocouple had been pushed out of the bread maker! There was smoke everywhere... amasing amounts of smoke and I stopped thing immediately, tried to pull out the tub, but it was jammed... still the snap crackle and pop and copious amounts of smoke... forgot to pull out the thermocouple... Finally pulled the tub and dumped into the bean cooler.. still the snap crackle and pop and smoke billowing everywhere. It seemed to take an age to cool the beans and when they had cooled well it looked like CS 11, amybe even 12 and oily. Id never taken the beans this far before. I had killed the MT bin 549 roast!

    Of course I bagged it and evacuated the bag and let it sit. Being curous, the next day I had a sniff the the valve in the bag... Hmmmm very nice. Then I cleaned out the grinder, added some dark oily beans and ground them up... At least they were still a deep brick red colour, so not charcoal and the aroma was enticing. I didnt expect too much at 1 day post roast, but the shot was...awesome. Rich creamy and full of fruit and dark chocolate. If anything the chocolate had been emphasised removing some of the meaty flavours that I associate with this bean. It has been sensational in both milk and as a straight ristretto/espresso. As an espresso there is still a lot of sweetness. I must admit there is a touch of roast character in there, but it doesnt dominate this awesome bean.

    For a major roast error, Ive nearly finished the entire batch...

    My next roast of this bean will go further into SC and also a bit faster than usual to see what can be achieved under better control.

    Live and learn.



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    Re: Roasting error *in my favour, collect...

    Great result from near disaster Mark. My probe vibrated out last week and I almost got caught out, some blue tack around the probe adhering it to the bm body keeps it in place now!!

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    Re: Roasting error *in my favour, collect...

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Great save Sparky. Just goes to show what can happen when we deviate from what is considered the norm...even if it was by accident!

    Taking some risks and experimenting can produce some interesting results..that is the fun of home roasting.

    I keep my thermocouple probe in place by threading a whittled down wine cork ,with a small hole drilled down the centre, over the shaft of the probe. It snugly fits in the hole in the BM outer casing. Easy to install and remove.

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