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Thread: Will this be drinkable?

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    Will this be drinkable?

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    After todays BeanBay I decided to roast some of last months Sulawesi Rante Kapua Torajah. When I was 6 minutes into the roast the bread maker stopped. I tried to get it going again but I had to remove the heat gun and pan. I finally got it going again about 4 minutes later. When I got it going again the temperature was about 30 degrees lower than when it cut out. I continued the roast and got FC just before 23 minutes (from begining of roast) and finished it at 27 minutes at the begining of second crack. The roast came out at CS 9-10.

    I guess the question is did I totally stuff it up or will it come out OK?

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    Re: Will this be drinkable?

    You probably wont know until you try it. I had a stoppage (paddle came off the spindle) it took about 4 to 5 minutes to get it going again on a previous roast (Ethiopian Gambella) and the beans came out great in the cup.

    So give it a few days and taste it. :)

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    Re: Will this be drinkable?

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    meh, I reckon itll be fine : ) Depends how much of a perfectionist you are! Recently a similar thing happened to me, the roast was going great, lovely even.. then my son decided hed open the gate and run out on to the footpath so I had to drop everything (turned the flame off first..) and ran out after him..
    He "got in to trouble" from Daddy.. but I picked my roast back up again a few minutes later and after the usual resting period it was fine.. not as perfect as it would have been, but still good.
    I reckon your roast will be good still : )

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