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Thread: Ahhhhh Grasshopper, I cracked it

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    Ahhhhh Grasshopper, I cracked it

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I Finally worked out that , After receiving an order of green beans from Andy, That Im supposed to remove the Outer Husk from the beans growing in back yard ::)
    No wonder I could not get the chaff off the bloody things :P
    Man the work that goes into a small batch of green beans is incredible. My fingers are bleeding from de-Husking dried K7 Hybrid wild.
    There must be an easier way ;D
    Did some batches today, Handful of my K7, Handful of beanbay Columbian, Handful of beanbay of Costa Rica, (In separate batches).
    The Costa Rica done dark the rest poop brown.
    All blended up now and sealed. Will see how it is for a Cup in the morning>
    PS , I had no problem getting SC happening up to 16-17 min with a crazy popper and Steel can on top and still get poop brown.
    I picked the thing up and manipulated it,
    (Sorry for my colour descriptions)

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    Re: Ahhhhh Grasshopper, I cracked it

    It will be a good idea to order a Coffee Snobs roasting colour card

    But leave the roasted beans to de gas 3 to 5 days before consuming


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    Re: Ahhhhh Grasshopper, I cracked it

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Quote Originally Posted by Koffee Kosmo link=1224831740/0#1 date=1224832143
    It will be a good idea to order a Coffee Snobs roasting colour card
    .... and maybe some CS Brown too, that you can use as a guide to what a good roast should taste like ;)


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