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Thread: First Roast - pan style

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    First Roast - pan style

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    I thought I would share my first roast experience. I decided to start my roasting with a pan as I had an old frying pan.

    I have read a lot of CS posts on different types of roasting methods and watched a number of youtube videos; with this knowledge I decided to give it a go and promptly ordered the CS sample pack.

    I used a gas cook top for the heat source I set it to med-low and dropped in 250 grams of beans. It has a canopy that vents outside so smoke and smell was not a problem.

    To keep the beans moving I used a glass lit on the frying pan; I held the lid with my right hand and the handle of the frying pan in my left *hand and did a tossing type motion then a bit of a swirl. I did this every 30 second for the first five minutes, every 15 seconds between 5-10minutes and every 10 second for the duration of the roast. It got quite tiring after 20 minutes.

    FC starting at 16 minutes
    SC starting at 19 minutes
    Pulled the beans at 21 minutes

    Cooling was done with sieve/colander, fan and a whisk.

    The result?

    It was hard to wait but managed to for 24hours and I must say I am surprised with the taste it is very good.

    I need to build some type of rotator / agitator I found it very difficult to keep the beans moving.

    Here is a picture of the result; the lighting on the CS card gives a slight reflection so it is a bit hard to compare. I think it is a CS 9-10.

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    Re: First Roast - pan style

    Hi bwilks

    Good job very nice looking beans for your first roast..

    Cheers Gra

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    Re: First Roast - pan style

    Yeah, no sense in waiting too long, you should try your roast early and then every day to find where you like it best.

    Some people love it a day old, others a week. That is the real beauty of roasting your own.... you have the choice!

    Great looking roast too, we look forward to hearing how the taste progresses over the next couple of days.

    Nice work!

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    Re: First Roast - pan style

    After breaking two air poppers in such a short period of time ( I think they were faulty to begin with) I ordered an Imex CR100 and in the meantime whilst waiting for it to arrive I have been using a frying pan. I set myself a spot in the back verandah with an outdoor gas cooker which you can buy just about from anywhere for about $20.00 and roasted 120grms of Yirgacheffe just stirring with a wooden handle. The trick for me was to constantly stir the beans and not allowing them to settle so as to burn them. It works quite well *

    FC in 6 mins
    SC in 8 mins

    Pulled the beans out in 30 seconds and straight into a metal corlander.

    I have made about 4 batches so far that I pleased with and also 2 batches of swiss decaf.

    Its good to know I can fall back on this should I need it in the future. Apart from that its quite satisfying

    Cheers and happy frying

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    Re: First Roast - pan style

    Behmor Coffee Roaster

    Good to see you gave it a go. The constant moveing of the beans is difficult so I upgraded from the pan checkout this post.


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