Brazil Cup of Excellence (CoE) - $30kg*

Grower: Helcio Carneiro Pinto Junior
Location: Carmo de Minas - State of Minas Gerais
Region: Sul de Minas
Total area: 30 hectares
Coffee growing area: 20 hectares
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Processing system: Pulped Natural
Lot size: 19 bags
International Jury Score: 87.11 - Code: 4550
Jury Descriptions: caramel, vanilla, apple, fantastic acidity, red apple, chocolate, elegant blueberry

The list of the "pre selected farms" was pretty long with 178 of the best Brazilian growers...

Then the local coffee experts then selected a short list of 60 farms...

The international judges then selected 36 coffees with a score of 84 or higher...

And even though this was one of the smallest farms in the CoE they scored high enough to beat more than 160 of Brazils top growers.

Details on the farm can be found:

Above photo is from their web site of the Yellow Bourbon variety that earnt them a Cup of Excellence award.

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