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Thread: ACT - Pickup after 4th March "Cruiserman"

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    ACT - Pickup after 4th March "Cruiserman"

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    The capital pickup is kindly hosted by Neil "Cruiserman" in Calwell, when the beans arrive you can send him a PM to arrange a suitable collection time or maybe the Canberra CSrs can arrange a get together in this thread?

    We expect the beans to be in Calwell by the 4th March (maybe earlier)

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    Re: ACT - Pickup after 4th March "Cruiserman"

    Damn missed a beanbay completely been (haha) a bit busy lately and not logged on enough. Oh well for all the ACT Snobs who didnt miss bean bay and had them sent here they havent arrived and I dont think they ever will - oh bugga alright they are here and can be picked up in the usual fashion.

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    Re: ACT - Pickup after 4th March "Cruiserman"

    Hi Cruiserman,.. Im not sure what the usual fashion is..being a first time beanbay green bean pickeruppperer ::) from you, will PM u to make suitable arrangements.

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