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Thread: ACT - Pickup after 4th April - "Cruiserman"

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    ACT - Pickup after 4th April - "Cruiserman"

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    The capital pickup is kindly hosted by Neil "Cruiserman" in Calwell, when the beans arrive you can send him a PM to arrange a suitable collection time or maybe the Canberra CSrs can arrange a get together in this thread?

    We expect the beans to be in Calwell by the 4th April (maybe earlier)

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    Re: ACT - Pickup after 4th April - "Cruiserman"

    Ah yes the large box of green goodness and chocolate sweetness with a little tea and some bags has arrived and awaits pick up in the usual fashion. Not sure what that is best PM me to find out.

    PS thanks for the surprise Andy.

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