BeanBay Green Bean Release - July 2014

Guatemala La Pacaya Typica
Guatemala La Pacaya Typica is a clean, washed and well processed central. Easy to roast it will work well through a range of roast depths and is suitable for a wide range of brew methods. As an espresso roasted to CS9 it produces a well balanced, caramel shot that has a really nice lingering flavour. As a filter or aeropress coffee it stands up with a great mouth-feel and good body.

Mexico el Triunfo Arabigo

Mexico el Triunfo Arabigo is the bean that Zed won the 2012-2013 home roasting section of the Golden Bean competition with. This is a old growth hairloom varietal called Arabigo has been washed and well graded with big beautiful beans, Closely related to Typica the Arabigo is a bold coffee in the cup with a touch of acidity, great body and a dose of spicy savoury flavours on the finish. Roast slowly to a CS10 to get stunning spiced cocoa espresso.

PNG Kainantu Organic
PNG Kainantu Organic is a semi washed coffee from the Eastern Highlands of PNG. It’s a chaff monster in the roaster and produces a bright coffee with a bigger body than you typically expect from a PNG bean. Certified organic at origin by NASAA and USDA for those that “need” a certified coffee but like most organic coffees, expect a few ugly beans. This works great as black coffee and really pulls through the milk based drinks too.

These and plenty of other great beans are available in BeanBay now.