BeanBay Green Bean Release
February / March 2017

Available in BeanBay now:

Burundi Ntita Gishubi

Burundi Ntita Gishubi is a washed and polished green bean grown in Central Burundi. This is grown and processed a long way south of our other Burundi offering, Kinyangurube and you can see and taste the different take on each of these beans side by side.
Bright, crisp with a lingering finish, the Ntita has slightly less body than the Kinyangurube but more lifting notes and sure to score highly on any cupping table.
Cuts through milk based drinks with ease and finishes really well. Enjoy!

China Lujiang Valley

China Lujiang Valley is a high quality and very well processed coffee from the Chinese Grand Canyon district close to the Mt Gaoligong growing area that our last China offering came from.
Small to medium sized green beans, the natural processing of these really shows in the espresso cup with a smooth, nearly creamy body with a great mouth-feel.
Another great, clean, high grown coffee from one of China's most pristine regions.

Costa Rica Cafe Hermosa

Costa Rica Cafe Hermosa is another beautiful coffee from the Dota Co-op in Tarrazu.
Clean and always well processed the Hermosa is a easy to roast and due to the high altitude it was grown at you will have slow, steady and controllable bean development while roasting.
Roasted to a CS9 or a little deeper the cocoa really jumps out and is nearly a mocha in milk based drinks. Great coffee!

...the required fine print...
(with the exception of the 1kg Geisha's and the 2kg Elephant Monsoon) All BeanBay green beans are packed in 2.5kg zippered cotton bags, perfect for storage for up to 3 years when kept in a cool, dark and dry position. We ship paid orders out from the Snobbery Monday to Thursday and BeanBay will show the available shipping options and actual freight costs to your area. Larger orders are typically cheaper to freight per kilogram so we suggest ordering all your requirements at once. We also strongly recommend that you ship to an attended address (eg: work or grandma's house) to avoid delivery delays. Monday to Thursday we will ship everything same day that we receive payment for but please remember bank lag means it will take at least a day for your payment to get to us even though your bank took it from you instantly.