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Thread: Yemen Mokha Ismaili $21.00/kg*

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    Yemen Mokha Ismaili $21.00/kg*

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Yemen Mokha Ismaili $21.00/kg*

    This coffee is in stock and will be freighted the day after payment received. Please email your order to

    * plus total order weight freight options
    • 3kg Postpack $8.10
    • 3kg Express Postpack $9.50
    • 5kg Fastway Courier $8.80 (++ to available areas)
    • For larger shipping amounts please contact us.

    The required "fine print" ;)
    ++ Check the Fastway locator for availability to your area. Select Geelong as the "local", put your postcode and 5kg as the weight. If you see the satchel option then you can use the Fastway courier service. You will need to supply a business address to ensure someone is there to accept the delivery.
    Disclaimer: prospective purchasers of this or any other coffee listed on CoffeeSnobs should understand that you are purchasing shares in bags of coffee that may contain materials other than green coffee beans. Those shares include everything in the bags and may include items you may prefer not to come in contact with your coffee making equipment. It is a buyers responsibility to identify the material other than green coffee beans and to decide how it should be treated.

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    Re: Yemen Mokha Ismaili $21.00/kg*

    can some one tell me what type of coffee this robusta or arabica.strog weak,etc. thank you

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    Re: Yemen Mokha Ismaili $21.00/kg*

    Hi norgeo,
    Have a look at :-


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