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Thread: double jugging?

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    double jugging?

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    when making two drinks from the same jug, the first is quite textured, the second is quite flat.
    i once heard of a technique "double jugging" i thought it was called, where the top 25% is poured into a second jug, the next 50% is used in a pour, and then the remaining 25%s are recombined to pour the second drink. the idea being that you can produce two lattes (rather than a cap, and a flat white)
    does this technique work? does it have a name? googling for double jugging returns no results [pertaining to coffee]

    with thanks

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    Re: double jugging?

    hey lisa
    try "splitting jugs" or "splitting milk" and see what that comes up with. im pretty sure thats what most ppl refer to that process as.


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    Re: double jugging?

    i find that with splitting foam between jugs it was something that i learned more from with experience and looking at the milk and swirling it around than something learnt from reading .

    the way i do it is with a using a one litre jug i would split the foam to just under the groove of a 600ml jug and use that and then top the 600 ml jug up to the groove again for the second cup

    hope it helps


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    Re: double jugging?

    Hi, youre on the right track. Look at this link, reply #5 by Luca, starting half-way down. Full details from an experienced barista on how to do it.

    There are also some excellent links to videos in his previous reply on the same thread.

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    Re: double jugging?

    Hi there,
    splitting the jug is a grate technic to get the right amount of micro-foam in each cup when doing more than one drink, the results are perfect.

    Another technic that I like do use if I dont want to bother with splitting jugs is to:
    -Stretch enough milk for the desired drinks, say for 2 lattes?
    -Swirl the jug to incorporate the milk and to visualize how far its textured
    -Pour 1/3 of the stretched milk into the first drink
    -Swirl the jug again, this stops the micro-foam from settling further
    -Then pour out the second drink
    -Quick swirl, pour and finish of the first drink.
    -Serve one and drink the other ;D
    For a good finish, try and pour them out in quick secessions of each other, both will end up with shiny&creamy tops.mmmmm

    I like using this technic if I want to get the drinks out promptly, however when doing latte art for two, splitting the jug will give you more artistic control on your rosettas and a better finish too. both will enable you to do similar drinks from a single jug of stretched milk.


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