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Thread: Milk tips with Ikon - complete novice!

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    Milk tips with Ikon - complete novice!

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    Just bought an Ikon, and would like tips on how to best froth the milk. I will hit the coffee company tomorrow to get a smaller/ better jug, but am rather confused from the posts in terms of angles, wand height. :-?
    Where should I start with the Ikon? My kids are already nagging for hot choc, and I am rather partial to lattes!

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    Re: Milk tips with Ikon - complete novice!

    Hi there, I have an Ikon at work and a small Sunbeam at home so have seen the differences :) Personally I like the steam power on the Ikon better but it took longer to learn than on the Sunbeam.

    Id suggest sticking with the standard size jug, a smaller one means you have to be better at it as there is less leeway.

    Firstly I tend to put the wand pointed toward the brewhead quite a bit so that the angle creates the whirlpool pretty much straight up.

    I tend to press the steam button, wait until its stopped flashing then release it for about 20 sec. Then let it go until its stopped flashing again, then release until its solid steam then let it warm up again.

    Then put the tip under the milk and turn on, then drop the jug until its just pushing steam into the milk slightly. I tend to rest the jug against the wand a little plus use my two hands to stabilise the jug as well as I can. You need to slowly lower the jug as a milk stretches and fills the jug more.

    I have one hand continuously on the jug wall and judge by the texture of the milk and the temp against my hand when to start pushing the wand inot the milk more so you arent stretching anymore. You will learn your own way with trial and error.

    I then get the milk up to temp keeping the whirlpool going and then turn off the steam and get the wand out after a few seconds.

    Tips when I first started were to keep the wand agains teh side of the jug as this makes the whirlpool effect stronger, but I find this also increases the bubbles and so you dont get microfoam as well. Its a decent trade though when you are starting.

    I hope it helps. I really like our Ikon at work, it seems to be a fairly powerful machine campared to my sunbeam. I really have to get something better at work :)

    Good luck!

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