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Thread: Steam arm threads

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    Steam arm threads

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    My search for the perfect steam set-up has gone a little too far - I now have 6 different steam tips. But my quest has hit a snag - 2 of them recently purchased from coffeeparts dont have a matching thread.

    The machine is a Rancilio S26.

    The new tips are coffeepart numbers:
    404662-2 ($15.68) and
    703472 ($31.35) This was what was ordered although Im suspicious that Ive been sent the wrong one as it looks more like 404662 ($17.60) - but Ill take that up with coffeeparts.

    My question relates to the threads on steam arms - are there known differences between brands and what are they. How do you know which steam tips will and wont fit?

    As part of my quest I have also purchased coffeeparts numbers
    614723-A $15.68 (2 hole)
    614723 $7.43
    700528 $17.88 (most like the original which was a 3 hole)
    which all seem to match the thread (although all require some plumbers tape for a leak free fit.

    Any tips appreciated.


    btw today I replaced the showerscreen and group gasket on my ECM Giotto Premium - it was so easy - wish Id done it months ago. That beautiful smooth spongy action is back again. Just had to report that to someone that cared.

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    Re: Steam arm threads

    Thats very snobby behaviour TimO

    Try changing the technique to get the desired results
    Or get some "one on one tips" from a good barista if possible


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    Re: Steam arm threads

    Thanks KK. I believe that the right set up can assist greatly with getting good results and hig levels of consistency. Im always working on both. Anyone know about threads on steam wands?

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