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Thread: Electric Milk "Frothers"

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    Electric Milk "Frothers"

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    My wife and i are going away for long weekend - Ill be taking aeropress and kyocera to make coffee - thats fine for me, but my wife has hers with milk. I could just heat milk in micrwave, but Im wondering whether to pick up an Avanti "milk frother" - a battery operated whizzer type thing. Do they work and provide a better milk addition vs just heated milk?

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    Re: Electric Milk "Frothers"

    You could always try an aerolatte, battery operated as well and effective. Mind you it doesnt heat, just froths.

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    Re: Electric Milk "Frothers"

    Yeah they do froth but they have no body, wont hold any heat and leaves nothing more than dish water really. You could just heat the milk and shake it up in a jug. I think you can get a french press and use that repeatedly or there are proper frothers that look like french presses. I dont know what the difference is between the frothers and the french presses though.


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    Re: Electric Milk "Frothers"

    if you have access to a gas or electric stove you could grab one of these:

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