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Thread: Manual mesh frothing?

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    Manual mesh frothing?

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    A friend of mine swears by this technique: warming up his milk on the stove to about 70 deg C, then manually frothing it using a mesh hooked to a lever that he pulls up and down. He swears that it makes the froth creamier, the milk more digestible and obviously avoids the possible burning of the milk. Having tasted it, I must say it does taste every bit as good. Is there any scientific value to his claim?

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    Re: Manual mesh frothing?

    I dont know about science, but the basics of stretched milk include heat and incorporated air--so it sounds reasonable.

    I think Ill stick to my Hx though. ;)


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    Re: Manual mesh frothing?

    Sounds like he is making Bechamel Sauce! ;)

    It sounds like your friend is scalding the milk, which is a technique used in cooking - the whisking prevents the a protein skin from forming on the top, as well as from preventing the proteins and sugars from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Other than that - as GregWormwald points out, there is some stretching an introduction of air happening.

    If it tastes good - keep doing it!

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