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Thread: Latte art in BODUM PAVINA

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    Latte art in BODUM PAVINA

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    I have a Isomac at work and Sunbeam at home. Getting great milk on both and great art at work in older bodum double wall glasses (with straight sides).

    Just got 8 new bodum pavina glasses at home and cannot for the life of me get the milk to pour with the right circular motion to create good art!!! I think it is because of the curved inner surface of the glass.

    Has anyone been able to get consistent good art in the pavina glasses? If so, Id love some pointers or to see your work.


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    Re: Latte art in BODUM PAVINA

    I have a set of Bodum Pavina double wall glasses, but unfortunately, theyre my Chrissy present and are still under wraps. I tend to have the opposite problem to you - easy latte art in curved cups and more difficult when the sides are too straight.

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