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Thread: (good) coffee shop milk appears creamier?

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    (good) coffee shop milk appears creamier?

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    i have been pretty happy with my microfoam lately, so im not really complaining but i have noticed when im at the coffee shop the milk in my flat white seems alot creamier in texture than at home..

    is this something that i should just put down to my domestic machine (gaggia platinum vision) not being as good as the cafe one?


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    Re: (good) coffee shop milk appears creamier?

    This is something Ive been wondering lately too.

    Im certain it has to do with the steam wand/steam power of domestic machines. I had a play on a La Marzocco GB5 the other day with exactly the same milk I use at home, plain old Pura, and it tasted so much better than my sunbeamer.

    A commercial machine often has 3 or 4 holes, while cheaper domestic machines only have one, so the milk doesnt get as much agitation. Having a dedicated boiler also means the milk heats up quickly. I recall reading somewhere that this helps to preserve the sugars in the milk, keeping it sweeter.


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    Re: (good) coffee shop milk appears creamier?

    While I agree that the 2 group Expobar at Di Bartoli almost perfectly textures milk with hardly any effort, I can still produce the same out of my 1 group Expobar Leva at home with a little more effort and concentration.

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