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Thread: Milk in Melbourne

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    Milk in Melbourne

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    So, it seems that the cows are being feed dry feed and thus the quality of the milk is suffering. I have been using procal and really have not been happy with the taste and texture of my milk based drinks.
    Is anyone else having similar experiences, and does anyone know why the dry feed affects the milk quality so?

    Anyone know of any milk in melb that might be a better choice at this time of year?

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    Re: Milk in Melbourne

    Yeah I have always used Pura and noticed an odd taste about the start of December from a few bottles in a row from different stores.

    I have switched to A2 and it has been great.

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    Re: Milk in Melbourne

    Yep, second that about A2.......we just moved across from Coles milk and wife has no stomach issues that other milk always gives her........:)

    Also, with steaming, makes the milk a little more thicker/creamier.....

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    Re: Milk in Melbourne

    I have to snap on the A2 as well.

    Ive read all the pro and con posts on milk quality, and willingly concede my texturing abilities are variable at best, but the A2 gives me the most consistent quality, and better taste as well.

    Ive tried pretty much every brand and decided the extra cost is worth the taste.

    Each to her own I say, but A2 works for me!

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    Re: Milk in Melbourne

    Using A2 right now aswell, though there is some great bio-dynamic milk I bought from an organic store a few times by the brand Demeter. Tastes great just make sure you get the homogenized version.

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