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Thread: I keep stuffing it up...

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    I keep stuffing it up...

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    Im quite new with making coffees Ive only had 3 shifts and about a few hours to learn how to make them, so heres my problem when frothing the milk, i get this silky look at the end of the frothing but it seems a little bit runny, and turns out theres not much froth.

    also when I do froth it and i get the right amount of air into the milk, I pour a latte (of course i swirl the milk before) i get this very weird look on the froth, after about 30 seconds the froth on the latte gets quite lumpy and it isnt smoothe.

    what am i doing wrong?

    and how do i get the airing right?


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    Re: I keep stuffing it up...

    What machine are you using ??

    Also see & read this link


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