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Thread: Milk to perfection comments

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    Milk to perfection comments

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hey everyone! Thought Id make some comments on here after being made aware the product was being discussed.

    First off thanks to Ezralimm for posting the link on here...

    The ultimate aim of this product was to help people who have not been fully barista trained (unfortunately the majority of people working in cafes, as staff turnover and cost normally rule managers out of sending their staff).

    As there has been on here, I have naturally had mixed comments about the product, some being excellent and some well...... not so good. However, what I have found is the negative comments are usually forwarded by the people who ARE experts and dont require the use of this jug or barista trainers who believe everyone should be fully trained in the art of making coffee - this I think is quite natural and I have no problem with. Now yes, I know a couple people reading this who have posted above have mentioned that my milk was not superb or my latte art was not fantastic - to that its worth noting that on the day of filming that video, I had not made a single coffee for 18 months and was still able to achieve the results provided - a result I find extremely impressive!

    A lot of the comments also focused on ways of improving the jug or indeed fabricating one themselves...... This product was not designed over night and infact took 2 and a half years or prototyping until I was happy with the finished result - many variations were tried, incl the comments mentioned above. However I feel that this model works far superior to that of any other jug I have indeed created or tried from the marketplace myself - that being why the product now has a full intellectual property portfolio.

    The product will be fully manufactured and ready for sale by the back end of June, so I really do hope that everyone who has either commented or read through this forum buys one to try for themselves - especially those of you who may have recently employed a new member of staff as I guarantee you will see a marked difference in that persons training time & cost afforded to training.

    Anyway, Ill shut up now but if anyone wants to e-mail me and ask me anymore questions, feel free to on


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    Re: Milk to perfection comments

    BTW just as a note, there are 2 size jugs available - small and large (35oz & 20oz)

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    Re: Milk to perfection comments

    Quote Originally Posted by 21252027133823133C293E2A292F382523224C0 link=1270830867/27#27 date=1273498671
    I had not made a single coffee for 18 months
    Quote Originally Posted by 21252027133823133C293E2A292F382523224C0 link=1270830867/27#27 date=1273498671
    2 and a half years or prototyping
    Sorry but, i cant believe your first comment, and during the prototype was the design tested?


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