I own a Sunbeam EM5900 at home (newly acquired) and a Breville 800ES at work. I froth the milk the same way with both as per the Paul Bassett DVD.

I place the nozzles (without froth enhancers) just below the surface, a bit in from the edge with the jug at an angle. As the milk rises I move the nozzle up so that it stays just below the surface.

With the Breville I am very happy with the result, I can get a very good microfoam for a flat white and if I wanted to I could keep going to get froth suitable for a cappuccino.

With the Sunbeam I get close to what I want (perhaps 15-20% off the double volume I am looking for with a flat white) and then the milk starts to get large bubbles and no amount of fiddling with the depth or the angles will stop the excessive bubbling. I assume this is because the milk is getting too hot.

What can I do to get that last little bit of volume? I had this same problem with a Breville Cafe Venezia which I had blamed on the machine but now I am wondering if my technique rather than the machines is the problem. Used to own a cheap Cafe Roma and that worked fine although I did use the froth enhancer back then, doesnt seem to help with the EM5900 though and would prefer not to use it anyway.

The Sunbeam has a knob which allows you to vary the pressure, although on the DVD this is turned to full and not changed. Also I can actually adjust the temperature (up or down) of the steam via a preset function. Should I be doing something with either of these or should I be doing something else?