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Thread: Milk quality

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    Milk quality

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    Hi everyone!
    So this morning my VBM Piccolo arrived after I had to bury my Sunbeam after four years of service. Obviously, ignoring the kids that needed attention ,I started working on the extraction. About 2 kg of beans later I, with my limited experience, was reasonably happy with my pour.
    Time for step two and i was off steaming milk. Very excited, I tried my first latte and I was, ...disappointed. The result I had with the sunbeam was much better, more body sort of. More screaming kids and a chaotic dinner later, I realized what the difference was, the MILK. Today I have been out of my ordinary non homogenized, organic milk so I had been using a standard full cream milk and the difference was bigger than I expected. Same fat content so there is no difference there. I now have blind tested them and the non homogenized is tastier both hot and cold.
    From this I can really recommend everyone to try similar milk if you can find it.
    what are your experiences?

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    Re: Milk quality

    Quote Originally Posted by 2A3522317574430 link=1284458828/0#0 date=1284458828
    what are your experiences?
    I just use whatever full cream milk I have handy.
    Dairy Farmers, Coles, Woolies, whatever.
    I have no doubt your non homogenized, organic milk tastes better but as for steaming I have no trouble with any of the above.

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    Re: Milk quality

    With any new machine you are going go have go get used to its idiosyncrasies so I wouldnt be too quick go blame the milk. If you havent done so already do a search for KKs milk frothing tips which are invaluable! If you are however the current Latte Art and Microfoam Champ then Ill just pop back in my box. Enjoy your wonderful new toy!

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