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Thread: B&D Mr Cuppacino?

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    B&D Mr Cuppacino?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Anyone used one of these to froth milk? Any good?

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    Re: B&D Mr Cuppacino?

    Yes, I have and no, it was no good.
    While it is able to build up fairly strong pressure, it runs out of steam very quickly. In fact, I remember the instructions saying that you should steam, wait and steam again - so it takes quite a long time to actually steam the milk (and you wouldnt want to be doing more than about a cups worth at a time).
    The other main failing is that it doesnt produce quality microfoam - it just makes fluffy meringue-like foam.
    This was using one of the B & D units about 10-12 years ago - I guess its possible theyve improved the design, but I wouldnt bother.

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