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Thread: No foam EM6910

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    No foam EM6910

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    HI all
    Had trouble in the last week texturing my milk. Have changed brands seems to be no different. Doe not seem to stretch at all and it seems to heat rather quickly, more so than before. Could this be the milk or the machine.

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    Re: No foam EM6910

    i am going to say milk

    how fast is faster ? (your perceived change in time)

    have you descaled or cleaned the wand more than normal etc? you may have removed a blockage.

    my machine takes 10- 12 seconds to do the milk and you have to move fast

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    Re: No foam EM6910

    Id say about 30 sec where it would have been about 50-60 sec maybe. Seems to heat before there is time for the foam to develop. Have descaled about 3 weeks ago but I never run the cleaner through the steam wand. I think Sunbeam recommend you dont.

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    Re: No foam EM6910

    Check the manual as to how to lower your temperature settings,
    if I can recall correctly ... switch the machine off, but have it still plugged in with the switch on.
    Hold the "Double Espresso" button down, and press the "Power" Button.
    You should then be able to adjust the desired steam temperature.

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