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Thread: Saeco steam wand problem

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    Saeco steam wand problem

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    Hi sorry if Im posting this in the wrong forum.
    I have a saeco incanto machine but when I attempt to froth the milk for cappuccinos etc the milk gets way to hot before the job is done.I have been taught how to texture before and I seem to be able to do a decent job on my dads machine which is also a saeco incanto same model bought within 2 months of eachother.I took it to the service centre and they turned up the factory settings in an attempt to give more steam but that seemed to make the problem worse and they have since restored the factory settings. Can anyone give me any tips? Is it possible that the steam is to hot and if so could it be turned down a degree or 2?Ive tried starting with the milk in the freezer for 5 minutes before steaming and that certainly helps.
    Thanks in advance any help would be really appreciated.


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    Re: Saeco steam wand problem

    Since you do a good job on your dads machine, my first question would be: are you using the same milk?

    There is a huge resource on steaming techniques on this website--a search will find it for you.


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