hey all,

Ive got a slight prob with the steam arm "discharging" a small amount of air whilst turning the steam valve to close on my Bezzera BZ99s.
Im getting a good amount of power during but right at the very end itll discharge a small amount or air, enough to make the top most layer look like a bubble bath.

Ive also tried closing the valve at different depths in the milk... sometimes the hand may drop causing excess froth but should it if its deep enough?

Would this be a symptom of a bung valve?

I hope the following makes sense....
With no jug under the steam arm looking at the amount of steam coming out and then operating the steam valve to the close position it doesnt look like there is any problems with the valve closing.
As in the amount of steam whilst closing looks proportional, diminishes nicely no leaks towards close.

Machine was serviced about 4 months ago.

Thanks all
Dan ;)