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Thread: How to use a boiler

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    How to use a boiler

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Im a total noob here, Im also a noob at making coffee without cheating (auto machines). I have been wanting to get more serious with coffee, started out with the Saeco Royal Professional, currently have the Saeco Primea Touch Plus. Im kind of happy with them, but find it slow if I want to make a lot of coffees when Im entertaining guests. Sometimes the milk can be hit and miss and unless I warm the milk, they are never hot enough for me.

    So I dont know what came over me when I bought this contraption (Klub SW Boiler) at auction (see attachment assuming I attached correctly)

    I dont even know how to use it, so now I need help. Did I do good? Or was I fooling myself that I could use a boiler for good milk at home?

    Another thing I would love to learn, is how to roast my own vanilla or cinnamon flavoured beans. so will scan this site and see if its up here already.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: How to use a boiler

    If it is anything like the klub I used to own you will struggle to do great milk but with good technique you will get good milk. I suggest some training to teach you how to get the best from it.

    As for the beans, I would suggest you buy cheap beans and add vanilla or cinnamon syrup as the flavours are there to hide poor quality coffee.

    Welcome to CS


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