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Thread: Frothing on La Pavoni

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    Frothing on La Pavoni

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    So Ive started producing rather good shots with my Pro, but Im still at the stage where Im producing rather high grade extingusher foam when ever I attempt to froth milk.

    My steam wand is the three hole type, and sits rather close to the boiler so its not possible to get the wand into the middle of the jug.

    Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Frothing on La Pavoni

    Couple of thoughts,
    1. On early model Silvias, it was common to bend the steam arm out a bit to get a better angle....please check with some other La Pavoni experts if this might work on your La Pavoni. (It does work well on a Silvia and doesnt appear to cause any problems, mine has been done for a few years now).
    2. Sounds like you might need to immerse the wand a bit further into the milk initially, until the milk is moving around really well, then lower the jug to get some air just mixing into the milk, (the ch, ch ,ch sound). Then lift jug a bit and try and get good motion of the milk around the jug, for the final bit.
    3. A good way to practice, at lower cost, is to use cold water with a drop of dishwashing detergent in it, this will behave very similar to milk, and when you get things working on your setup, you can produce microfoamed dishwater, then just repeat whatever worked with the dishwater using milk, and you should get some nice microfoamed milk.

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    Re: Frothing on La Pavoni

    the three hole tip is a real pain in the backside and is a problem for lots of people. Its the placement of the 3rd hole so close to the boiler that causes the problem.

    One cheap and easy option is to unscrew the steam tip and plug that particular hole with the end of a toothpick.

    It makes the steam much more controllable and allows you to angle the jug as needed without spraying milk everywhere :D

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